Building your BRIDGE to Resilience, Sustainability and Energy Savings

We specialize in developing cutting-edge renewable energy solutions, energy storage systems, EV charging infrastructure, and microgrid projects to create a sustainable future.

Our Services

Renewable Energy

Creating sustainable power solutions using solar, wind and biomass resources.

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Energy Storage & Microgrids

Advanced solutions for increased efficiency, grid reliability and resiliency.

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EV Charging

Designing strategies and building economic advantages for green hydrogen and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

GCGX – A Trusted Devloper

GCGX is an experienced and highly capable developer of renewable energy projects, focusing on sustainability, innovation, and reliability.

We also work with our clients on the full list of aspirations including workforce training / inclusion, broad community benefits, and positive economic development.

Innovative Solutions

We provide customized and innovative energy solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Efficiency & Reliability

With a commitment to efficiency, our projects are designed to be reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective.

Future-focused Development

We are dedicated to building smart infrastructure for the future, integrating the latest technologies for long-term sustainability.

Why Choose Us

Sustainability Leaders

Committed to driving sustainable energy solutions and reducing carbon footprint for a greener planet.

Innovative Technology

Harnessing the latest technological advancements to create efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly energy systems.

A Focus On Tribal and Underserved Communities

Putting our clients first, we ensure transparent communication, tailored solutions, and exceptional service at every step.

An Electric Car Charging

Representative Projects

A CEC / DOE grant funded EV Chargering, BESS, Solar, Microgrids project for building economic revenues, energy savings, and resiliency from wildfire threats and an aging utility grid.

Calexico Crossings EV Charging Hub is located at the crossroads of travel between San Diego and Yuma east to west / Mexicali and Palm Springs north to south providing first-ever Level 2 and180kW DC Fast Chargers.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Get in touch with us today to explore how our renewable energy solutions can transform your energy needs into sustainable and efficient solutions for tomorrow.

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